Islands Development - South Beach

  • Island 3 for Apartments

Herring Storer Acoustics originally prepared the structure plan and building guidelines for the South Beach Area in the late 1990’s. Since that time, we have been involved in a number of development located within this area. 

Herring Storer Acoustics were the acoustic consultant for Buildings A and B, with construction complete in 2008. Apart from providing the standard acoustic advice relating to the separation of apartments for compliance with Part F5 of the BCA, Herring Storer Acoustics, undertook noise and vibration measurements, which were used for the building design. This included the complete vibration isolation of the buildings for the control of ground vibration from the adjacent freight railway line. Additionally, we provided the analysis and design to control the noise ingress of trains passing the development. This analysis included the inclusion of low frequency noise. 

Herring Storer Acoustics is now undertaking the acoustic consultancy for the remainder of the site within the development. This has included the background monitoring of noise and ground borne vibration. 

As an aside, Herring Storer Acoustics also undertook the consultancy to development the Noise and Vibration Management Plan for the Port Coogee Development area in the mid 2000’s. As for the South Beach Development Area, Herring Storer Acoustics continues to provide consultancy services for this development, with respect to noise and vibration associated with the railway line.

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