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Many councils and government authorities require acoustic reports to be submitted with Development Applications. Although these acoustic reports do not normally require to be a full assessment indicating compliance, however, they do need to outline the acoustic issues and adequate analysis to indicate that compliance with the required criteria can be achieved.

Understanding and assessing noise impacts is a complex technical area. In Western Australia if a proposed development has the potential for emitting noise such that it may impacting on its surrounding, or conversely is impacted by noise from existing noise sources, then an acoustical assessment is required in support of the development application. Generally, development applications are assessed by either state authorities such as the Department of Planning or DWER, local government bodies such as councils (Shires and City’s) or the Joint Development Assessment Panels (JDAP).

For development applications associated with commercial or industrial developments, where noise is emitted from the development, noise assessment showing compliance with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 are required.

Where noise is received at a noise sensitive premises from transportation such as road traffic and railways, noise assessments are undertaken to show compliance with the requirements of State Planning Policy 5.4.

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