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Aircraft noise only relates to noise received from aircraft movements around airports and runways. Larger airports have what is known as ANEF contours and the requirements to assess noise received from aircraft are based on these contours. For example, for noise sensitive premises outside the ANEF 20 contour there are no acoustic requirements, however, within the ANEF 30 contour noise sensitive premises are typically not permitted. Between the ANEF 20 and 30 contours, the development of noise sensitive premises is conditional, and a noise assessment is required to determine the construction requirements to achieve compliance with the internal noise levels as outlined in AS 2021. These requirements are stipulated in State Planning Policy 5.1 (Perth Airport) and State Planning Policy 5.3 (Jandakot Airport).

For smaller airports of other airstrips, noise impact assessments for noise sensitive developments are carried out based on the requirements outlined in AS 2021.  

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