Construction Noise & Vibration

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The Regulations set assigned (allowable) levels for noise received at various types of premises. However, noise emission from construction is considered differently under the Regulations, in that construction noise does not need to comply with the assigned noise levels. 

Construction undertaken during the day between 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, but excluding Public Holidays, is not required to comply with the Regulatory criteria, provided it is reasonable and complies with various criteria. In some cases, councils will require a CNMP for construction activities during the day period, but in the majority of cases, a CNMP is not required for construction activities during the day. However, to undertake construction activities outside the above times, a Construction Noise Management Plan (CNMP) is required. These CNMPs need to include the reasons for the construction work to be done; types and durations of activity likely to result in noise emissions above assigned noise levels; predictions of noise emissions; control measures for noise emissions, including vibration; monitoring of noise emissions, including vibration; and Complaint response procedure. 

Herring Storer Acoustics assess noise emissions and aid in the development of CNMPs for construction hours (Monday to Saturday 0700 to 1900) and out of hours construction noise management plans (1900 to 0700 Monday to Saturday and Sundays and public holidays).