Welcome to Herring Storer Acoustics

Herring Storer Acoustics is one of Australia’s leading professional acoustic consultancies. Established nearly 30 years ago, and based in Western Australia, we provide noise and vibration services to engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services for both private and public sector clients. With a name and reputation that is synonymous with excellence in the industry, we are here to provide you with all your acoustic needs.

Herring Storer Acoustics was established in 1988 by Allan Herring and Lynton Storer. Although the founding directors have now retired, Herring Storer Acoustics continues to provide expert consulting services to meet the objectives and expectations of our clients.  With around 30 years consulting experience, and as a member firm of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC), Herring Storer Acoustics takes pride in providing expert consulting engineering advice and solutions.

Our staff have amassed a wealth of experience gathered over decades of practice in the field of Acoustics. We provide acoustic consulting services for the full range of services, such as environmental assessments, internal architectural, transportation and occupational health to list just a few. Acoustic consulting services encompasses a vast range projects and requirements and with our team of consultants, we would in all likelihood, have the experience required. Whether it is day care centres, supermarkets, wind farms, or large mining projects we have the experience to provide the service required.

With Herring Storer Acoustics team of consultants, we are able to adjust workloads to be able to maintain the provision of a quality service to meet our client’s requirements, often with very tight programmes.