Architectural Acoustics

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This area of our service typically relates to the internal acoustics relating to halls, multi-purpose spaces and theatres, where the internal acoustics relates to obtaining the correct depth of speech and fullness of performances.  Although, for specialist concert and opera halls, we recommend the engagement of a specialist in these areas, for the majority of spaces the acoustic principals remain the same and Herring Storer Acoustics have the personnel with the experience and expertise to provide practicable solutions to achieve the required outcomes.

The isolation of these areas from the surrounding spaces is also critical and use of lobbies is usually advised.

Cinemas are another area where the separation of spaces is critical. Although the acoustic criteria and constructions between cinemas is well established, the acoustic requirements for the separation of cinemas from other spaces such as lobbies, service areas and the control of external noise is not as clear. Herring Storer Acoustics have experience in these requirements and can review and assess a clients needs to ensure that appropriate outcomes are achieved.