Fit Outs

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This area relates to the internal acoustics associated with the fitout of offices, consulting rooms etc. The acoustic requirements normally relate to the provision of acoustic privacy of one space or spaces from other areas. This can include private offices, meeting rooms, video conferencing facilities, boardrooms to name a few. In fact any space that requires that the information divulged within a space is not understood in another should be designed to achieve a degree of acoustic privacy. Depending on the space the degree of acoustic privacy can range from not understanding normal speech, to controlling loud talking to a murmur.

The other aspect of internal fitouts, is the control the reverberation time within spaces. For internal spaces such as office, boardrooms etc, long reverberation times leading to interference with speech and too short reverberations times making the spaces feel ‘dead’ and uncomfortable.  However, there are other spaces, such as building lobbies and shopping malls to name a couple, where longer reverberation times are desirable to create atmosphere and assist in masking conversations.